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Doesn't the sound in BG2 get messed up when playing above 1024x768 res?


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I'm sure Bigg knows what he's doing so this is probably a redundant question, but in the past a couple of people have said that playing at resolutions above 1024x768 is a bad idea, because the position of all the sounds get messed up i.e. what you hear no longer corresponds to what you see on screen.


A couple of people on another forum I frequent have asked about this, so I thought I'd post here for clarification.

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In general, the 'standard' resolutions larger than 1024x768 (1280*960, 1600*1200, 2048*1536) use different code, that is not well tested.


On the other hand, WSM edits a couple of values in the 1024 code, thus bugs that are usually related to usage of 1280*960 (and upper) resolutions are solved "by default" in WSM. This, of course, extends also to playing E.G. 1280*960 with WSM.

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