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White Ability Modifiers


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I want to apply a an ability bonus to a kit but I don't want it to turn the stat red is there a way I can add it to the base ability?


I seem to recall a mod that fixed this for the bonuses gained in the final part of SoA but I can't recall what mod it was.

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Check out CA#STLOS.spl to see a spell that does exactly that. The relevant details are as follows:


Effect 1,1 of CA#STLOS


Effect opcode: Stat: Constitution Modifier [10]

Target: 2 Pre-Target

Timing: 1- Permanent (this part is important)

Statistic Modifier: -2

Probability: 0-100%

Type: 0 (This is important too)

Power: 0

Dice/level limit: 0 d 0

Saving Throw: 0-None

Resist: 0-Nonmagical

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