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Crash: InfScreenInventory.cpp at line 9909


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Hi, folks. I just installed Windows on a partition on my Mac, and dug out one of my favorite games from before I switched platforms: BG2. I installed it, installed ToB, installed the patch, Installed the Fix-mod, installed Ascension (which I've never tried), then installed the Tweaks mod and fired BG2 up.


I made a half-elf Cleric/Mage, and started along happily enough, until I started getting crashes. As soon as I picked up some items from the first table in the original dungeon, I saw the "assert failed" crash of the subject line. Not all items would trigger it, but a katana did, and so did the key to Jaheira's cage.


Is this a known problem? I guess I'll just go back and un-install mods until it starts working. Thanks!

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You may find that lower resolutions = more stable game play. I don't know how it is to run Windows apps on a Mac (and the thought frightens me! *L*), but not all the advice that helps users of one platform helps those of the other. I could advise better if you were running the game natively on the Mac.


Please let us know the results of your testing! This sort of information will be of value to many :)


Good luck and happy gaming,


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I usually dislike self-promotion; however, since you're running the Windows version, the Widescreen Mod also allows you to play 1280x960 without the stability problems that you'd get while running 1280x960 'natively'.


Of course, if you have something larger than 1280x960 (EG the ubiquitous 1280x1024), you can use that with WSM too :)

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