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Inquisitor Detect evil issues

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version of game: SoA/ToB

Mods Installed: Just fixpack core fixes component


There is a minor bug with BG2 Fixpack. My main character is an inquisitor. every time i tried to use detect evil nothing happen. while using the same spell from a wizard or cleric everything seems to work fine. paladin use spcl212.spl for detect evil. Fixpack - core fixes component replace spcl212.spl with a new at override folder. The one from unmoded BG2 is working fine.


i don't know if this is the same with the one reported at Pending Fixes

Redid previous fix for Detect Evil failing due to Magic Resistance; was still reporting M.R. as the animation effect was failing, not the spell effect
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I can't replicate this, and inquisitor Detect Evil receives the same patch as all the other versions?


i encounter this issue in my mega mod installation. at first a thought that some of the other mods might cause the issue. i keep a backup of my BG2/TOB+official patch+ g3 Fixpack_v4 folder in case that something went wrong with the installation of the others mods. i took spcl212.spl from my backup BG2 with near infinity and put it in my overide folder. nothing change. after removing fixpack v4 from my backup folder i use NI again to take the original spcl212.spl from backup folder and it work. just to be sure i tried again to install fixpack v4 to backup folder again to see if spcl212.spl is working and i had the same issue again. i don't know if fixpack is patching or replacing this spell.after fixpack installed a new spcl212.spl is placed in overide folder. my knowledge in modding is very limited .



thanks for replying

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In a default installation (SoA + ToB + patch 26498) there will not be a spcl212.spl in the override folder - it's not something any of the official patches modified, so the game uses a file stored in a compressed biff archive. When you install the Fixpack, it copies this original version into the override folder and applies to it some of CamDawg's clever patching code. Because there wasn't a copy of this spell in the override previously, WeiDU does not place the original version into the backup folder - there's no need. To restore the original game state, it's enough simply to delete the modified version from your override.


So if you did have a copy of spcl212.spl in the backup folder for Fixpack, the file had been previously modified by something else (possibly Baldurdash? Or a mod installed out of order? It's difficult to say).


If I've misunderstood what you're saying, please feel free to set me straight :)

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i tried again from the beginning with a clean installation of bg2+TOB+patch 26498.

in irenicus dungeon when i cast detect evil with my main character (inquisitor) detect evil detect some monsters.everything works fine.

i tried to install only the core fixes from fixpack v4. (no others mods)

then i tried again to cast detect evil and nothing detected

is this an issue of fixpack??


thanks :)


edit : if i come very near to a monster only then detect spell can detect it :D

without fixpack detect evil seems to detect monster everywhere in the area.

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if i come near to a monster only then detect spell can detect it :)

without fixpack detect evil seems to detect monster even if it is far away from my character.

so i guess that fixpack change the area effect of spell.

i didn't notice that before. so my fault!! :D

Now i will have to extract the original from bg2 before i proceed with fixpack and then put it to override folder after fixpack is installed.


Thanks Nythrun and sorry for the false alarm :D

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If you take a look at the description for the first level priest spell "Detect Evil" you'll notice that the range is listed as Sight in the description, but the range is in fact the entire area. The paladin innate is an exact clone of the priest spell, so fixing one implies fixing the other :)


If you want to get rid of this, change line 18207 of the Fixpack .tp2 from this:

COPY_EXISTING ~spcl212.spl~ ~override~ // detect evil (paladin innate)


to this:

COPY_EXISTING // ~spcl212.spl~ ~override~ // detect evil (paladin innate)

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