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I've noticed all of these used, and was wondering if there could be some sort of agreed usage for G3 mods. I looked in the BG2 Fixpack gtu.tra and found both 'grandmastery' and 'Grand Mastery'. I don't know if both of these appear in-game (the first one does, in the kit description for the Archer) but if they do, then the Fixpack GTU isn't consistent with itself.


The readme for the BG2 Tweak Pack is loads of fun. It has:



Grand Mastery

grand mastery




Perhaps I'm being picky and no-one cares, but I noticed this inconsistency between mods when I was playing the game and saw 'grandmastery' being used for the Archer and 'Grand Mastery' being used for the Song and Silence Sharpshooter kit, and it was quite obvious to me. I think that deciding on a single usage would add to the already high quality of G3 mods.

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Heh. Keep in mind that the grand mastery components is from Schumacher on TeamBG, repackaged by Dorner at Baldurdash, repackaged by Weimer for EoU, repackaged for Tutu Tweaks, and repackaged again for BG2 Tweaks.


The game, AFAICT, uses "grand mastery" by default (can't find any hyphenated or concatenated versions in the default ToB tlk).

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Yeah, I know Tweaks is made up of many other mods. I wasn't really surprised to see such craziness in the readme.


Considering what you've said, maybe the 'grand mastery' style could be used from now on, and also when older mods are updated.


The Divine Remix readme is pretty consistent, using the 'grand mastery' style (although there is one use of 'Grandmastery' in the version history :)).


Oh, speaking of Divine Remix, and since I have your attention, for the Forest Runner, the readme says 'commoners see him as hero' not 'as a hero'. I don't know what it says in-game.


Also, it was suggested that 'Can only be proficient with' in the Disadvantages section of some of the kits should be altered to something like 'Limited to a single proficiency point in' instead:




Nightmare then said that he'd make some changes:




Thought I'd mention the DR stuff here rather than start a new thread.

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Another thing I've found in the GTU is that the number of spaces after a full stop isn't always the same e.g. 'That is not a productive attitude. [single space here] I am offering an appealing alternative. [double space here] If you will not get past your emotion we will have nothing further to say.'


Does this affect how things will appear in-game, and what format does the default game use?

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This is a funny one. Various strings in dialog.tlk seem to use one space and others use two. I guess it comes down to how the people creating the entries were trained.


There is no rule on this I think, the standard in printed literature is to use one space due to the varying length that can be created by two spaces when using different fonts (that is not considered a good thing). However the standard for most classically trained typists is to use 2 spaces when typing manually, this is usually because it is easier to separate sentences visually and it looks clearer. I just noticed I do the two spaces automatically when typing.

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There is no default, as the double/single spacing is split nearly 50/50, or 60/40 or whatever. I've observed that double-spacing has the potential to look stupid on occasion. See "Making the GTU Not Suck" for further nitpicking on that subject and others :).

Bah! Is nothing ever straightforward?


If it'll take too much time to decide on one standard and convert everything to that then fine, but the GTU shouldn't change format in the same paragraph. I don't mind spending some time going through the GTU and removing some of the double spaces if that'll help. Maybe if we make it some sort of team effort, with everyone doing a little bit, we'll get it done without too much frustration.


BG1NPC uses single spaces, as does the PPG Banter Packs, so maybe single spaces for the GTU is the way to go.

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I've also noticed that the GTU's use of full stops in kit descriptions seems totally random.





- May use 'enrage' ability once per day per 4 levels. The enraged state lasts for 60 seconds.

- While enraged: +2 to hit, +2 damage, -2 AC





- Moves at 2 points faster than the normal character movement rate

- Immunity to backstab

- Can Enrage once per day per every 4 levels (starts at 1st level with one use). Enrage gives +4 to constitution and strength for 5 rounds. Gives a 2 point armor class penalty and +2 to saves vs magic (for 5 rounds). Rage also gives immunity to all charm, hold, fear, maze, confusion and level drain spells.


You also have things like this (barbarian section) 'Cannot specialize in weapons past normal specialization (two proficiency points.)' where the full stop is inside the bracket.

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Apart from that last example, the rest show proper usage. Bullet points and lists should not have end punctuation, unless they are complete sentences - see this, et al. And in the latter case, most writers I know only use the end punctuation in the case of multiple sentences within one bullet point.


For the BG1 GTU, we made all sentences single-spaced. And when I say "we," I mean Salk. I'm sure Cam would welcome the proofing help for the BG2 GTU, unless he wants to rule it with an iron fist. I'm sure he has better things to do...

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It's probably not the GTU - the unmodded game uses both, and they're both correct. Though possibly "all right" is considered more correct, but it depends on usage too. For instance, "He's all right" vs. "Alright then." And also "alright" is used more in informal dialogue along with words like "cuz" instead of because, etc. Therefore, I probably wouldn't change this in dialogue, though I might in "official" texts, if it ever occurs there.

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