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Rebalancing: removing immunity to Level Drain from Berserker advantages

Capt Massacre

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This is a request.


I thought about it because at some point, it seemed to me that the fixpack V4 did just that, without saying so, but I was wrong.


According to the kit descriptions, Barbarian's rage makes them immune to Level Drain, but not Berserkers. In effect, both rages make the hero immune to Level Drain.


This is one advantage the Barbarian could have over the Berserker that disappears.

Because of the strange Barbaric armour restriction, it's then far more tempting to create a Berserker as a "tank". In fact, I never created a Barbarian!


Don't you think life is too easy for Berserkers?


The request would be a rebalancing option that removes immunity from Level Drain from the Berserker kit!

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