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Northlander's Helm


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Maybe you can post the old BAMs for comparison. They're no longer in your old post, and I've kind of forgotten what they looked like.


I seem to recall the inventory icons looking a little more realistic. The cheek flaps look like they might be a bit painful on this one...

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On the newer description BAM, the cheek plates appear to come straight down and curve slightly to the front. Whereas on the inventory BAM, they appear to curve inward. So they look as if they'd pierce the cheeks.


You could, of course, avoid that whole issue by going with something more authentic:


(Just kidding.)

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If one could add some hinges on the cheek pieces, the angle issue could be solved, but I agree, they look like they're made for someone without much to speak of in the jawbone department. :)



On the whole though, beautiful icon.

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Inventory BAMs #1




Description BAM




The flaps on the real helmet are hinged, and you'll notice in the original BAM, that the left flap was skewed towards the right (that's how it was photographed). A little digital magic, thanks to the gimp, allowed me to reposition the flap in the corrected BAMs, above.

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