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[Release/Patch] Experience Corrections


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Experience Corrections


This EXE patch contains two components:


(1) Correct reporting of experience

This component corrects an issue where the game gives a greater amount of experience than that reported in the message "The Party Has Gained Experience: %d" (XPBONUS.2DA, CRE files, and AddExperienceParty()). It seems that this behavior was intended by BioWare, but is inconsistent with experience gained from the message "<NAME>: has gained %d experience points." (XPLIST.2DA, AddXPObject(), and AddXP2DA())


(2) Remove 110% scaling of some experience

This component removes the behaviour where 110% of the coded/scripted experience from XPBONUS.2DA, CRE files, and AddExperienceParty(), is given, so that the exact amount of experience coded/scripted is given. The 110% scaling behaviour is inconsistent with experience gained from XPLIST.2DA, AddXPObject(), and AddXP2DA(), where the exact amount of experience coded/scripted is given, and these are left alone. The component is fully compatible with DEF JAM.


These components are installed through WeiDU, facilitating easy uninstallation and restoration of a backup copy in the case that glitches occur.



USE THIS EXE PATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. The author is not responsible for any damage to your game, computer, or livelihood that may be caused by this patch.


This EXE patch has been tested to function correctly and without increasing the frequency of crash-to-desktops, but only on a limited number of differing BGMain.exe executables. Hence, it is not guaranteed that the patch will work correctly on your specific Baldur's Gate II version, distribution, and/or locale. If you find that this is the case, please report that the patch did not work or produced problems and give details as to your Baldur's Gate II version, distribution, and locale, so that the matter can be investigated.



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