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Death Variables in CRE (PST)


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The death variable in a .cre file is listed as a 32 char array, I think its a ASCIIz string. 7 bytes for the name and 1 byte for the zero terminator. The remaining 24 bytes looks like they're used internally, perhaps at runtime for scratch space. At one point in the code (for PST) it compares strength against a value, and depending on the outcome places either a zero, or a one at offset 0x33C in the .cre file.

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The 0x33c offset in code isn't the same as the 0x33c offset in the .cre file.


It is surely not a 7 long asciiz string, because "nameless" is 8 characters.


Ugg, I got the wrong address for the death var. I thought a 7 char string was a bit odd...


I do know that the offset is different in code than in the file, the offset was adjusted for the 0x33C so it is valid, which puts it in the middle of the 32 char array.

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Yea, debugger and a disassembly. I'll see what I can find after I get all the breaks sorted out. The first break is at 0x310, so 0x00 - 0x30F is in one piece in memory, death variable is in its own little chunk, and is indeed 32 bytes.


Since that break is at 0x310 (yes I did verify this :) ) that unknown starting at 0x2FC may be 2 or more separate things.

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