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BG2:ToB 0x95 (Identify)


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The coding for 0x95 (Identify) is just as empty as 0x6e (Retreat From), 0x71 (Equip Weapon), 0x72 (Dither), 0x76 (Show Creatures), 0x79 (Visual Animation Effect), except for the 'do once' flag at 0x110 of the effect; and 'do nothing once' is just the same as 'do nothing'.


Unless you know something I might not, it might be worth stating clearly that all these opcodes have no function whatsoever.

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It's an escape route in case we someday turn out to be wrong. ;)


I think the only crashing code was immunity to sequester (ToB-only); the others are just nonexistent values (no code to handle them). Everything "never been seen to do anything" really should just do nothing, but it's an actual effect. They're safe to use, but pointless.

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