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V2(Beta) Call for beta-testers


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Heya, I am looking for a few people to give a quick spin to V2 of the IWD2NPC before it goes public. Life has been hectic of late, so I hope I integrated all the corrections, but if not - I need to know. Obviously, there is the new stuff too. Anyway, the issues I want looked at are:


-You have conflict banters with Jaemal, Rizdaer, Nord and Salomeya.

-Tree-talk happens.

-If you agree to marry etc Diriel at the tree - the romance continues; if not - stops.

-You do not get the 'pre Tree talks' after the Tree.

-Flirts and PIDs work normally.



First Lines for Diriel's romance (cut to avoid too too many spoilers):


Chapter 1:


LT1: You cause a peculiar anomaly in my perceptions, <CHARNAME>.

LT2: Our lives are minute... etc


Chapter 2:


LT3: <CHARNAME>, will you consent to join me... etc

LT4: I overlooked this part of the world... etc


Chapter 3:


LT5: I wish to inquire your opinion... etc

LT6: I registered a number... etc


Chapter 4:


LT7: I wish to express... etc

LT8: I have come to the conclusion that... etc


Chapter 5 (post Tree):


LT9 = The Tree


LT10: I would like you to clarify... etc

LT11: You appear to be... etc

LT12: (He plays... etc //At waking


Chapter 6:


LT13: I believe... etc

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I for one would love to help thrash the bugs out of this. For whatever reason, my e-mail is being stupid and won't let me register here, but my e-mail address is thebassistsgirlfriend @ yahoo.com . I do have some small amount of coding experience so I may be able to help track down any bugs should they arise . . . and then I guess my only other qualifier would be that I just found this module last week, I think it's fantastic, and I really would like to help you get the rest of it out there. Not the most awe-inspiring list of references, but hey! I'd love to help (and love to love Diriel) if you'd let me. :)

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Thank you for volounteering, I've sent the info to your e-mail. The bugs can be reported on the forum, just add spoilers tag. I will alert Cam to you having problems with registering, it's handy to have an account sometimes :)

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So far so good. Just a couple small things.


Valeero's portrait didn't show up when I started up the party, and if you don't do the love talks for chapters 1 and 2 before enterig chapter 3, the romance ends, or at least the force talk options don't come up any more.


Now if you'll excuse me...


*swoons over Diriel*

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The mod will cause the slowdowns of the game on the less powerful machines, because it has to run off one huge script.


I'll see if I can fix the conditions so the options will still show up in Chapter 3, but yeah, I am making check there for the romance being set to 1. I think it shouldn't break the main romance though. Try sleeping a few times to get the next talks and let me know if it fixes the problem :help:

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Teeny-tiny little bug. I haven't gotten as far as the others yet because I've been running around a lot this week, but for whatever reason on Diriel's second talk in chapter 1, Sir Nord said the lines instead of Diriel. Caused me no end of confusion -- frightened confusion. I had to reload anyway, so I forced the dialogue again, and this time it all went fine. Must have been me. :help: Playing some more tonight, and it's looking really good. If I find anything else, I'll let you know, but so far everything's looking pretty neatly put together.

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Hmmm... not so much a bug, but the Diriel Initiated Flirts trigger... rarely. I got three up until chapter five. Which makes me sad. So you might wanna increase how often they trigger.


Gods... I love that man. He is a brick wall right behind you ^_^ Ad the flirt with him carving the wooden toys... He may be evil, but MAN! He is going to be a good and loving father ^_^

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The game crashed for me today. I'm still confused to what happened - no message no nothing, it simply crashed and exited game. I'll try to swap the saves into my PC when I get home, because there's a probability it's just this laptop (though as far as memory is concerned it's better than PC...)


other than that - Domi, you're a god, I'm loving it so far.

Oh, before I forget, at LT 3, are there any interjections? I had Rizdaer, Nord, Prachi, Diriel, Jaemal and myself it the party and nothing showed up.

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-The early flirts have 50% probability for triggering, so you are just having a bit of an unlucky stretch.


I am looking into the triggers for the interjections in LT1-LT3, there should be interjections. Did the additional banter trigger (mainly Jaemal in that party?)


Here is a quick fix for the tickling woes:


Upload this file:




into your


Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale II\IWD2NPC\d3


and re-run the IWD2NPC.exe and let me know if Diriel responds to tickling in less drammatic way.

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Heh, I suppose one more reason to try to recreate the game in NWN2, these slow-downs. Anyways, thank you for letting me know.


Also, ladies, could anyone tell me if the 'NPC X is falling in love with you' had ben fixed, or are they still the Jaemal robe descriptions kind?

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