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Confusion about .CRE structure in save game


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Assuming the cre structure for party members in the saved game in pst follows the standard cre structure, then Species, Team, and Faction are incorrect. You can see this by editing a .cre structure in the .gam file from a save. Changing these 3 bytes and loading your save does not change your species, team or faction. Am I missing something?

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I'm not sure what you mean, since you posted this note here, not in the DLTCEP forum.

Do you still use DLTCEP? If yes, then this could be a simple DLTCEP bug, and as such, this post should be in the DLTCEP section.

However, i think I was able to change faction.

There is some trick with the anarchist faction (which could fake another faction).


team - i don't know how could you check this ingame.


species - ditto. This affects only the bestiary. If you meet a new species, its bestiary entry will be activated.

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Ok, offset 0x313 in the .cre entry is listed as faction. You can check this one in game, the stats screen shows what faction you are currently aligned with. I used a hex editor to change this byte in the .cre entry for nameless in the .gam file, it was originally 0x00 (no faction), I changed this byte to 0x02 (Dustmen) then reloaded this save, checked the stats screen and it still showed no faction.


I don't use DLTCEP, I prefer to work directly with a hex editor, however I loaded this .gam with DLTCEP after I changed this byte, and it showed the faction as Dustmen, so I changed the correct byte.

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