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"Nerfed" Petrification

Guest Salkin

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This has to be one of the major game stoppers in BG and IWD games. Your character killers and save game searchers. To me it has been a major annoyance since I started playing Infinity Engine games. It breaks your romances, ruins your $IsDead variables for NPC:s and tons of other nifty annoyances.


So here is my suggestion: Replace all petrification spells or effects into stun/paralysing.


Would it be very hard to include in BG/IWD tweak packs? The stone-to-flesh effects could still remain the same for quest purposes. I don't mind the small lack of proper animation. Perhaps tinker with the effect to make it last longer than normal paralysing, replace animations or likewise but hey, I'm glad for anything to get rid of it! :D


Keep up the good work here, love the IE fan mod community. :)


Kind Regards, Salkin

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