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So ACTION_IF MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~Setup-Divine_Remix.tp2~ ~200~ doesn't work?


If not, what about ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~cdalcrn.spl~ THEN BEGIN? It's a core component spell.


Edit: though if you're checking specifically for Druid Remix, it doesn't seem to have any unique files added.


I don't like ACTION_IF !(FILE_EXISTS ~Divine_Remix/Setup-Divine_Remix.tp2~) THEN BEGIN, because I often have the mod sitting around in the game directory but it's not installed. So if, for example, L1NPCs is checking for DR that way, it might have issues.

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That's hilarious if he added the predicate after saying he wouldn't, I'll have to check.


If not I guess I can slap together a few dozen more lines of patch code to cater to readmephobes.


You really should consider biffing the override a lot though. It's going in V1 of Level One NPCs for sure. Maybe after every component.

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Yeah, a lot of people have tried to get me to biff, but I'm holding out for that special someone.


Edit: It works, apparently. This:

ACTION_IF MOD_IS_INSTALLED bg1npc.tp2 10 THEN BEGIN //Branwen Romance
 COPY_EXISTING ~_branwe.cre~ ~override~
WRITE_BYTE 0x273 0xb

Made Branwen a druid and did nothing when I reversed the logic.

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