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New component suggestion: Arbitrary fixes

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The recent discussions gave me an interesting idea. How about lumping the present day OBC components together into a new "Arbitrary fixes" component and further expanding it with any subjectively reasonable fixes which are unsuitable for the core component of the fixpack?


Since these issues pop up every now and then and in most cases it's fairly hard to discern what was the developer's original intent, I'd suggest doing such changes inside a separate component and clearly labeling it as "WARNING! HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE CHANGES! INSTALL AT YOU OWN RISK!". For clarity, I'm not talking about tweaks here, just fixes for which there is no distinct confirmation of developer intent.

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If someone wants to come along and mod mindflayers so they can only rip out your brain when you're stunned, but the brain-snacking kills you, and if they can't get to your brain they do something else, that's fine with me. If the scripting is good I'd even play it.


That's a different mod.


Commonsensical notions about skellingtons not having brains to devour don't count for much in an environment where skellingtons don't laze about inanimately. Being that they're dead, and it's hard to send electrical impulses down your non-existent nerves to your non-existent muscles when your CNS isn't there any more.


Perhaps if free time were unlimited. But it isn't, and without focus not much is going to get properly done here.

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Hiding the "OMG FIXPAKC REMOVES AMAUNATOR SYMBOL" part won't do any good, since the "compatibility problems" with that mod aren't real compatibility problems, but rather a way to put fuel on well-lit flame wars - just skimp through the infamous Baronius post and you'll see that the problem with the Fixpack (and all other mods under the sun) is that... they edit the game.

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