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As I was playing through, I noticed that the elf-hater in the NW corner of the Promanade didn't have anything to say to Kivan, or Kivan anything to say to him.


Also, I'm really liking the development of Kivan's character. There's some really good foreshadowing going on implying that if something doesn't change, Kivan won't be around forever (I haven't visited spellhold yet). Also, I like the dialogues that occur early in the banters/friendship where the player can suggest to Kivan that Shervash isn't the best influence for him, and then later on in the friendship/banters Kivan acknowledges that he has doubts about the same.


Please feel free to ignore the following :help:

(And now for my usual plug, for the scene where you meet Kivan, would it be possible to have the party walk with him in a cutscene away from the rubble and ruins where you encounter him? That'd make the dialogue there fit a lot more smoothly.)

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Thank you for your comments.


There is an interjection with the elf-hater. I think they are a matter of random occurence, so sometimes you get them, and sometimes - not.


I am not sure I will be doing anything for BG2. If we get the voicing going, I will add the voice, but a cutscene, to be honest, I doubt I can even do it nowadays. :help:

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