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installation error

Guest Soul Forge

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Guest Soul Forge

Hello. I'm trying to install the v.14 of the mod and get,


"Parse error (state 645) at END


[bG1NPC\LIB\tutu_area_script_assign.tph] PARSE ERROR at line 442 column 1-3

Near Tex: END

GLR parse error"


,stops and rolls back. Please help. I want to experience the awesomeness of this mod


I have (installed in this order and latest versions of all)


- Clean install of BG, TotSC, SoA, Tob

- official patches

- EasyTutu_ToB

- EasyTutu hotfixes

- Degreenifier

- NPC Kits

- TutuFix (about half)

- Ashes of Embers (just weapon stuff)

- Song and Silence

- Rogue Rebalancing

- Lost Items

- Grey Clan Ep1

- Sirine's Call

- and this is where i try to install NPC project

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Nope, it is my fault and my miscode/miscopy of materials - I should apologise to you.


I am trying to get a v15 wrapped up this weekend and sent over to CamDawg. It should be minor enough to be able to update it with savegames in progress, as we are just repairing typos and fixing soem background stuff, and alleviate this problem completely; I will get working on it as fast as holiday shopping prep will allow :help:

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Even better, i had already created a set of instructions and a downloadable patch, so i have updated the stickyed post to have









I apologise for the inconvenience! -cmorgan






New redirection to single consolidated top-level sticky patch:



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Even better, i had already created a set of instructions and a downloadable patch, so i have updated the stickyed post to have


<snip> visit the URL <snip>

Which is profoundly (sp?) stupid. One level of indirection (click here for instructions) can make sense, but this kind of things deteriorates pretty quickly in madness (unless you do like me and simply tell everybody to RTFM/STFF/STFW to teach people to be self sufficient).

Example: about two weeks ago, a Steam update was buggy and decided to launch about 6000 UDP probes to, which was too much for my router to handle and forced me to close Steam and reboot the router (with my brother asking me every minute "why doesn't MSN work?"). After a quick session of JFGI, I'd find a blog mentioning the problem and giving an URL to a 4-pages forum thread about the problem, of which 90% of the posts were on the "me too" level. In page three, a link was given to another blog, which was linking to an IPB-style "Board Message: you must be logged in" page, where I'd have needed to pay about $10 to sign up and view the solution.

Result: one hour spent reading people saying "I have the same issue and I think the people at Valve should test stuff more before releasing them" (but with worse grammar) and finally being slapped with a "you're unworthy of reading our solution" message. Further games of JFGI led me to the solution (either not open Steam, or open it and rush to the Servers page and add a filter to prevent results from showing up).


Since it was a common problem, the right course of action would have been for somebody to put the solution there, rather than linking to a page linking to a page linking to a page where you needed to spend $10 to read the solution.

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Are you kidding? I will not say a word about grammar or anything until I can write posts Italian, man - anyone able to work in multiple languages deserves 100% respect for the accomplishment.

Actually, I butcher Italian tenses daily. People from Northern Italy (E.G. me) use only the "have done" past tense and never the "did" one, while people from Southern Italy do the vice-versa. And we always forget to use the Conjunctive tense (no easy English equivalent, sorry).


Without mentioning that Northern Italians always say "him/her does" rather than "he/she does" :help:

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