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Artistic help!


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I am looking for a title screen and a load screen made. I have an image I was trying to use, but it doesn't have to be used. Basically, I need something that looks like some sort of an evil foreboding, is huge in size (1600x800 pixels). I think that the image that I did have had the problem of being too bright, solid. Something that looks kind of transparent will probably do better.


One version needs to read:


A Deathstalker and carries the following quote:


What is Evil? All that proceeds from weakness.

-Friedrich Nietzshe


in a readable and attractive font.


And the second version should be just the image.

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ok, I did something like this:



there are 4 variations of your pic , they differ only with slight details - light, fonts...

I really liked the picture, so didn't want to mess with it to much.

but if that's not what you were expecting, no problem, I can be more imaginative :)

1,2,3 - are with text, 4 is without

2 has some fonts variations

so, let me know what you think :help:

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Ouch, sorry, it just occured to me that I also want the black borders removed on #4, and just have the image. Will you be able to re-edit it once more? I promise, that's the last time, other than that it works great now.

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