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Plot-building dialogues: written, edited

Random Dialogues, Soundsets, Descriptions, 3 Small Humorous Encounters etc: written, edited

Banter between the companions: written, edited

Talks between the companion and the PC:

Saemon - written, edited

Nyalee - written, edited

Elhan - written, edited

Aliana - written, edited

Romantic Scenes - written, edited

Outcomes - written, edited




First Temple (2 areas) - done

The Forest of Mir - done

Temple of Hanali - made by Phoenixus from Bioboards

Temple Ruins in the Forest of Mir - almost done by Raith Veldrin from Bioboards (need a bit of decorating).


Mod Building


Polishing up the first 2 areas.

Placing and voicing the creatures and encounters in the Big Outddor Area (Area 3)




Auditioned for Imoen, waiting on the files


Intergrated random sounds for the Deathstalkers scenery characters.

Intergrated Toral, the Primate of Bhaal (High Priest).

Intergrated the Statue of Bhaal and Intro.

Intergrated Mother Keys


Recording for Nyalee

Recording for Saemon

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Well, I finished Nyalee's file and started on Elhan's. Also, almost finished Saemon's soundset lines (it seems that every next game has more and more lines to write for those, argh....)


I tried to start building, but our system is having some so far undiagnosed problem resulting in the C drive being 'broken' every day so I can't really do much untill the root of the problem is determined and it's fixed. So, I am mainly writting, and there is a lot to write, heh.

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Phoenixus of the Bio borads (of the Tragedy to Tragidor fame) whiped up one of the areas for me (A Temple Of Hanaly Celanil). In addition Raith from Bioboards is taking a stab at the ruins in the Forest of Mir for my last set of areas.


Together with my continuing efforts at making a not too sucky Great Outdoor Area really moved the area making portion of the mod forward.


Wrote the descriptions for each important character in the mod (20 total); and came up with the idea for one more, so I will have to add her.


Oh, and I finally found my inner Elhan; one more general chat, and I can move to his romantic player-initiated chats with the PC. :)

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So, after a couple of weeks of building my 24x24 area is done save for polishing up.


The hoodoo area and the smaller stream that flows past the ruin of the Bhaalist Temple and cascades into the river are shown on the screenshots in the screenshot thread.


Thanks to Phoenixus and Raith, the rest of the areas are pretty much done as well, I just need to do some wall decorating in my ruins, and add a few gory plot important details.


Finally, in writing, I finished Elhan's main dialogue sequence, and started on my last companion - Alianna. Now, you might not remember the name, but it's given in ToB to Charname's mother. I am being a hypocrite with her story here, because I never liked the discrepancies between BG1 and ToB, but I am marrying the two stories for this module, making Alianna both a Gorion's lover (and a spy for the Deathstalkers) and a priestess of Bhaal. And, of course, she is a male romantic interest - just one of the twisted black humor bits that this littl' story is all about for me. I also did some misculaneous writing, such as Elhan's soundset, and a descriptions for a couple of extra lighter-side encounters.


So, overoll, I think it goes very well.

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To the best of my knowledge all the areas are now in and linked. I am starting to fill in the first big area with the scenery NPCs and the companions, and code the random dialogues. And, there is some stirring on the voicing front - the very first lines tried out and like the whole of five are actually integrated into the mod :band:


My main voice acting task now is to find a few female voices to voice evil priestess and assassins in the temple of Bhaal and one male voice for the Primate of Bhaal, the evil, evil, evil priest. So, yep, if you think it could be cool, please give me a shout!

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I did a lot of writing for the last companion for this mod - Alianna - but didn't finish it. I am making my way through her romantic talk 1; it's not that she's difficult to write, it's that I didn't have enough time. I also scribbled a few lines for one of the comic relief characters - Mother Keys, the treasurer at the temple.


Luckily, we've got the tools my husband needs to switch the dying battery in my Palm, so with luck I will have something that runs for more than 10 minutes pretty soon.


Also some stuff that you won't be able to see per se, but rather hear in the game was done: I've got a bunch of kind folk recording the random sets for the first area for me, and the full set for the first quest giver. I even managed to code and integrate a few of these random chars.

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Have been trying to set up my first two areas, and starting to run into my first problems with not really being familiar with the Toolset. Got a dialogue that unexplicably crashes, and a character that gets attacked by everyone instead of attacking the Protagonist. I guess, I am into the new learning phase (after having had one with the area building.) I hope it will not be awfully long.

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I took some time off of modding in the past week to play a little bit more of MotB, because, well, it is a good game and it is no good to stew in your own creation for too long. So, I did not quite move far on the coding front. Not farther than finding things that don't work at any rate.


Other than that I did a fair bit of writing: Finished Alianna's stuff and soundset, wrote two encounters - Mother Keys and sort of an ironic take on the prophecies, and am now making my way through writing the last of the encounters. Hey, once I am done that I can actually strike out the item 1 off the to do list at last!

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After a few hours of hitting the snags, I finally get my first intro cutscene working - well it's difficult part, with actions and movement. Now it's just a question of time to finish the non-companion related dialogues in the first area.


Figured out how Journaling works in NWN2. Not very difficult, thankfully, I was worried. :)


And once the finger work is done, I will have to embark on the amazing adventure of exploring the companion and influence system NWN2 style.

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Heya, everyone. Well, I am back, though I didn't manage to do as much writing as I hoped during my vacations :) I am almost done with the romantic scenes though - finishing up the last one, Elhan's.

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And yup, finished Elhan! Now it's just the outcomes left on the writing front. I wish coding was as successful. Heh, I expect it will be really tough to get back into it after 2 weeks. Oh, well.

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I've got a whole lot of voicing coming in the past couple of weeks, so with much gratitude to everyone who recorded the mini-sets and, of course, to the most grand Statue of Bhaal :thumbsup: I will be trying to get time to intergrate all the new sound in. Then, I think a new dev screenie will be totally due with a room full of the dark characters.

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Well, that's it for writing. Finished the outcomes. Even did a suspect dialogue about doing bad things to corpses of the fallen enemies that i am not sure I will have guts to include in the mod.


I have to say that I was a bit bossy in one set of the outcome regarding the protagonist's fate, for the sake of the intergration into the BG story. Well, a fan-fictioner is a fanfictioner. I am really curious as to how people will react to my version of the events and the stories of the characters, but I am sure going to put a BIG, nay, HUGE sign 'Character Interpretation May Wary From Yours' sign on the mod. :thumbsup: It sure was fun... to write. Gods, now I have to find time to code... somehow.

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