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Artworks that depict violent events (murders)


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Heya, everyone, I am looking for linkies to the classic paintings that show murders or sacks of the cities etc. I've seen someone using that stuff to project on the walls as visual effects, and want to try to 'decorate' my evil places that way :help:

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Try these:


Eugene Delacroix: La Mort De Sardanapale(The death of Sardanapalus)



Oath of the Horatii by by Jacques-Louis David.



Others by the same artist:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Sabine_women.jpg (city scene w/ battle)



(old person dying)




LotR painting. Sort of a dark battle scene.


This one's rather good as well, imo


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Heh, I actually had both David and Delacroix, but I really like that Tokien's painting :help: The only problem it's most likely by a modern upcomning artist, so copy-left is an issue (that's why I want to stick to the old masters) :)


Cheers and thank you!

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Who was that medieval painter with the really brutal paintings? Bruegel?


Yeah, check out some of the ones with violent sounding titles, and if you can find the "Hunters in the Snow," see if you can find the infrared image of it, because the surface painting covers far more violent acts depicted in a "first draft."

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