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Using weidu to patch in a string for a spell


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I'm currently implementing some spells, and I have the following code, which I stole from Refinements


COPY	~Celestial_Mystic/SPLs/CA#CMBLH.spl~	~override/CA#CMBLH.spl~
	SAY NAME1 @204
	SAY NAME2 @204
	SAY 0x1be @204


What I'm wondering, is where did the 0x1be get picked from? I know it patches the spell to use the text at 204 in my .tra file, but how did the number get chosen. Looking at the IESDP I can see a number of entries that appear to be relevant to be sure I'm patching to the right place.


In the .spl, I have the 0x0064 which is the extended header offset (I only have one extended header)

In the extended header I have both the feature count 0x001e and feature offset 0x0020.

In the Feature Block, I have the Parameter 1 0x0004 which is where the text should be linked in my particular spell.


So, how did the value 0x1be get chosen for this?

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