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Can someone code my Romantic Encounter please?


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Yeej, I've finally finished my Romantic Encounter. It, naturally, didn't turned out the way I planned it, and it should be a big surprise for the people who will eventually play it, and even to the people who read the draft.


But alas, not all is sunshine. I was wondering is someone was willing to please code it into .d? I'd really be very gratefull!


As always, the document named Romantic Encouter Isabelle, can be found here.

Isabelle Romantic Encounter


Thanks very much in advance!

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All right: coding it was no big deal, and it's done, so if you'd like, it's in.


Two moments to keep in mind, though:


- Proofreading: I won't change the content, but typos/punctuation errors and the like will be corrected.

- A general note applied to each new component: once the component is a part of RE(with full credit to the author, adding the name to the Readme and to the mod's webpage, and so on), it remains a part of the mod.


If you are all right with that, tell me - I'll PM CamDawg to give you access to the workroom, and will finalize the scripts. By the way, are you planning a second encounter with Isabelle?


And, about the scripts: would you like PC and Isabelle to be moved to a separate room, when Isabelle invites PC in(the way it happens with many encounters - say, Weathermistress Ada or Saemon Havarian), or would you like them to remain in place(so the dialogue plays and Isabelle leaves)?

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Yes I agree to these two conditions. I ehm think, that dramatica-wise it would be best for the PC and Isabelle to stay in that room.

About a second encounter: Well the climax, or lack thereof, in this scenario sprung so suddenly in my head and felt so right, that I didn't have time to think about a sequel. But yes, it sure is a possibility.

And thank you, very much!

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Sure, you're welcome. :help: Okay, understood staying in the room(which makes it even easier to code), and I've PM-ed Cam - as soon as you see "Romantic Encounters Workroom" SECRET FORUM, it means you are really and fully a part of the team.

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