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Peter Jackson to produce two Hobbit movies


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Academy award-winner Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema join with MGM to produce “The Hobbit,†eagerly-anticipated fantasy adventure epic

Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh to executive produce two films based on “The Hobbitâ€Â


Los Angeles, CA (Tuesday, December 18, 2007) Academy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson; Harry Sloan, Chairman and CEO, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM); Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs of New Line Cinema have jointly announced today that they have entered into the following series of agreements:


* MGM and New Line will co-finance and co-distribute two films, “The Hobbit†and a sequel to “The Hobbit.†New Line will distribute in North America and MGM will distribute internationally.


* Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as Executive Producers of two films based on “The Hobbit.†New Line will manage the production of the films, which will be shot simultaneously.


* Peter Jackson and New Line have settled all litigation relating to the “Lord of the Rings†(LOTR) Trilogy.



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Yes, I've heard in the news this morning, too. And they said Ian McKellen agreed to play Gandalf again already, which is good news, too.



I just don't understand why Jackson's relationship with MGM and New Line Cinema is strained(from what I read). The man's a genius who brought them hundreds of millions; angering him is like slashing your own wrists.

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Oh, it would be great if the same guy plays Bilbo. Loved him in LotR :help:

He'd need a lot of make up to be the correct age, though. Spoilers follow

You'd need to shave a lot of years from him. At the times of LotR, he should have been about 40, whereas at the times of the Hobbit he should have been about 30.


For nerds: a Hobbit comes of age at 33 hobbit years (given that both the Hobbit and the initial chapters of LotR were written in the 30's, we assume that human people came of age at 21, not 18). Bilbo is 50 hobbit years old when the Hobbit starts, so that translates into 31 human years (50*21/33).

During the Hobbit, he acquires the One Ring and thus doesn't age until he gives the Ring to Frodo. After that, 17 years pass until Frodo goes to Rivendell, so Bilbo should have look as old as somebody with 50+17 hobbit years = 42 human years, while having lived 128 hobbit years = 81 human years.

end spoiler

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Bilbo - Ian Holm plays him. He played Frodo in the BBC radio dramatisation. He's wonderful.


As for the age issue - doesn't the ring preserve your age in a kind of creepy draining way? Isn't Gandalf concerned because Bilbo doesn't seem to age at all?


Personally I don't care either way, I just hope he gets the role.



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Ian Holm isn't that old.


There's a big difference between produce and direct. Everything Sam Raimi has produced has been complete garbage; but the films he directs are usually quite good.


In other words, this is a fat yawn. The LotR is over. Great if you enjoyed it, but don't expect to see its like anytime in the future.

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oh i'm so glad they're making a movie of The Hobbit! it would be great if they got Ian Holm to be in it. he's not that old and it's amazing what they can do with make-up these days. besides, i think in that little flashback of Bilbo finding the ring in LotR, it was Ian Holm (or someone who looked a lot like him.) i think the only question is if he'd want to do it.

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There's a big difference between produce and direct.


Yes, although I'm glad that this is finally going to happen I don't like that they have not, specifically, named a director.


Wait for it.....The Hobbit and The Hobbit Revisited starring hot, young, things with shiny hair. Marvel at the gritty realism(hand-held camera work), stunning special effects(animated sequences) and engrossing story (black and white flashbacks).


I'm scared. :help:

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