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Romantic Encounters: accepting submissions


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Sooo...this would be a bad time to bring up a Keldorn encounter again wouldn't it? :) Okay, okay, what about Korgan? (Yeah, I shuddered as I typed that...) Or...or a quickie with Xzar before the Harpers zap him! Not all encounters have to be pleasant after all, right? Hmm...you know, going back to a previously mentioned idea of a threesome, Haer'dalis and Raelis Shai would make for one hot situation...nothing says "wild sex with a virtual stranger" like planar bounty hunters breathing down your neck. :p


Okay, I'm done. I fail at brainstorming... :)

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But yeah, seriously, Raelis Shai. And I'm going to have to come down on the side of Mazzy, in lieu of a full-fledged Romance, due to the fact that there's a RE with *Valygar* for crying out loud. Sure, Mazzy's love interest was turned into a shade, but you have to actually *kill* Valy's (unless you're playing with the proper mods, in which case she sacrifices herself to give you a bastard sword worth quite a lot of money...). Never mind that Valygar has very real and expressed problems with anything that might result in his family continuing, at least at the beginning, whereas Mazzy does not. Note that I rarely, if ever, play with Mazzy in my party, but if she had a RE or, better yet, an actualized and non-inactive romance, I'm sure that would change.


Question, though- does RE currently affect Charname's epilogue? If it isn't too hard to code, I, for one, would appreciate something mentioning Charname's child with Rebecca or what have you. If appropriate, of course.


And Adalon is still super sexy. Just look at that ridge. It's so erotic. Or something.

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Perhaps there might be a way to spice up the Irenicus dungeon.


Rielev: Release! Release!

Charname: Oh you want a hand job? I'm not surprised, being stuck in that jar for so long. Here, let me just... *fap fap fap*

Rielev: *gurgle*

Imoen: I think you killed him!

Charname: Ah well, at least he died happy!


Charname: Ooh, a magic lamp! I best give it a good rub.

Genie: Uhhhh

Charname: Oh you like that, do you?

Genie: Do that again and I'll give you a really big sword!

Charname: I bet you will!


Frennendan: Get me out of this hell hole!

Charname: If you can shapeshift into the form of a buff young stud, I might just think about it.

Frennendan: Deal!

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Guest cant-be-bothered

i really visualized the Adalon encounter as going something like:


[pre eggs return]

CHARNAME:I want you to turn into your human guise


CHARNAME:Because I don't make deals with creatures before I can look them in the eye

ADALON:(To your surprise the human form of this great silver-dragon does not appear entirely human. Her complexion is that of a pale-silver, and both her eyes and hair match the silver of her draconian form. Despite the fact that you know this is not her true form, you feel oddly drawn to her.)


[after eggs return and after leaving underdark- return to Adlon cave to find her there]

CHARNAME:You knew i'd come looking for you, didn't you?

ADALON:Of course, child of Bhall. And i doubt that i need to guess what it is you came looking for.

CHARNAME:(add seduction dialogue)



But hey, an Adalon romance does seem more realistic as say, a Kangaxx encounter :)


CHARNAME: (increases pace)

KANGAXX: (snap) oh dear.... i don't suppose you'd mind retrieving my pieces again?

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Dragons are scary. I've just finished a scene with partial transformation: it is scary when a guy you're in love with suddenly twitches, and scales pop up from under the skin. You're lucky if you remain on speaking terms - or, better yet, if you never realize *what* it was.

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Unless you are in a Japnese anime. I only saw 2 movies and in both it was a given that the male lead is a shifter. There is just no loving a man unless he grows scales or feathers (but not a beard, too young to shave!)... Kind of funny, I liked the first movie I saw, but after watching the second that was more of the same, no so much any more. Oh, well. Back on topic.


How about naughty mind-flayers tell you to have sex with Gythyanki instead of fighting them?

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O-la-la! That's Japanese all right. :) A naughty mind flayer. I like that.


I also liked a Japanese anime about sex. I think it was called "sex-friends" or something: it was just a male teenager's dream, pure and simple. No scales, no feathers, just a "popular girl", a "shy girl", and a cool adult sexy librarian(or nurse)? (With tentacles, I keep badgering guys I know about hentai anime with tentacles, and they just can never point me to one. ;) )


I've seen and read some Russian(and American... I think) fantasy with shapeshifters, but I don't know... I guess I'm just not that tolerant - *I'd* be fairly creeped out, if I were them, I would say! ;D

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If you are looking for anime with tentacles, umm you are probably thinking of "La Blue Girl". But I can't say I seriously recommend it. If you do decide to watch it, please note it is *very* graphic so you may want to keep that in mind if you have small children around. I personally chose to watch it drunk with a bunch of friends.


Uhh now back to your regularly scheduled mod discussion.

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Two Girls One Cup, anyone? :)


I saw a Manga called Wicked City several years ago, where a woman turned into some sort of spider demon and starting spinning webs out of her hoo-ha (which, incidentally, also came fitted with snapping teeth...) I guess that's fairly tame compared to the Overfiend stuff, though.



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