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dynaheir journal quest V 11.1BGT


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I know that I'm using an old version but I was waiting on v15 and I haven't had this problem before with 11. I helped Drizzt, we talked, and I got the good luck response. But he didn't respawn or initiate a talk about finding the journal fragment on one of the corpses. In shadowkeeper I have globals: drizztfight 1, drizztgnolls 13, and helpdrizzt 1. I haven't rescued dyanaheir yet. I'm also pretty certain that I've killed everything on the map, although I don't think that matters for this variable. What variable do I need to set to get him to show up and initiate that conversation so the journal quest fires?

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Ok, ran into another problem, one I saw in the forums (the infinite loop of minsc and sleeping boo dialog) so I did some more checking. It turns out that I have ub1bgt installed before bg1npc. So I'm correcting that and will reinstall both. Also redoing scsbgt so that I don't include the move npc's to convenient locations bit and conflict with bg1npc.


Any chance v15 will be out tonight or tomorrow?

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I will PM you a link to the internal version, Margrave - it may not have the final bells and whistles with docs and such, but will have fixed code for everything except Dynaheir's cutscene (which only shows up on Tutu installs anyways, as it has huge conceptual/storyline conflict as well as operational conflict with BGT's transition). I still haven't figured that one out. Look for a PM before 7pm tonight.


Reminder: after v12, we radically changed the way Dynaheir's quest works. Drizzt will never, ever return to the meeting map; you will need to jhave cooperatwed with Drizzt and gotten a "see you later on" interjection from Drizzt, wait for a bit, have gotten Dynaheir in the party, and be in a romance with her, then be visiting one of the southwestern Sword Coast regions to have the quest fire.

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