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Replacing generic music


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I was wondering if it was possible to replace (or add to) the music in BG2. I would think that replacing a few music files would do the trick but I'm not sure if they'd have to be the same size as the original.


It's just a whim but I get bored with the same music in BG2. I was just listening to The Poet and the Pendulum by Nightwish and was thinking bits of it would fit really well in battles.

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Ooh I didn't see that. I think I may have to install that.


Yes, I wasn't planning on releasing any mod. I might write and record a bit of stuff to play in the background of some of Tamoko's dialogues actually (I don't think Nightwish can copyright chord patterns...). Sort of like Aerie's 'tinkly' music. Although I think that would involve attaching sound to the dialogue rather than changing any of the global music.

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Interesting. Presumably the bits that have music added have no voice acting? I would have thought the voice acting would have to be combined over the background music into a single file and attached. Is there scope to add more than one music file to a dialogue?

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