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some more stats and linking:



Nice trend, huh. ;)


The two files licensed under Artistic are:



ER, 4000 lines of code a year is REALLY slow - That works out to just 2 lines of code an hour. I do that in a month. Easily. With testing.


Still even at 2 man-years, it's an impressive codebase.

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140,000 lines of code should take much less than two man-years to implement, in almost any language. Not the 36 man years that ohloh states.


I don't care, really, whether some egghead came up with coeficients. I've worked with million line codebases which took small teams (8 people) a year for initial development and maintainence over a period of decades.


For instance, the original unix kernel, and initial tool set, about 200,000 lines of code, took 2 men about 8 months; but, of course, not everyone is a Kerningham or a Ritchie. Wozniak wrote the kernel for the Apple II monitor ROM overnight in assembler, about 8000 lines - and it went into production without change for 4 years. I'm nowhere near that, personally. I write a good solid 1000 lines a week, tested and clean.

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I don't care if you don't care about coefficients, but that estimate is calculated solely from them and KLOC. However wrong that may be.


Trying to manually calc the E gives me a different result. ;)

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