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I need a man! Well, his voice, anyway. Mini-NPC mod.


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Sorry about the cross-post, but I've got a deadline on this one, so I thought I might splatter the coverage a bit.


The details:

1. Are you looking for a voice set for a man, a woman or something else?



2. How many lines would need to be voiced?



3. Describe what kind of a voice you are after (tell something about the character if needed)!

Pitch doesn't matter very much, but he should sound youngish, probably about the PC's age. He uses archaic English, so some of the lines might be a bit awkward, I'm afraid. I'll take what I can get, naturally, but I'd prefer an accent that didn't jar too badly with archaic English (so American/Australian/Continental accents wouldn't work quite so well). But like I said, I'll take what I can get.


4. Preferred format of the audio files?

Either WAV or OGG is fine.


5. Any deadlines?

Er... yes, actually. Soon. I'd like to have this by Tuesday. (I'll take it at any time, though.)


6. What game and what mod is this for?

BG2. It's for a series of encounters with a non-joinable NPC with whom the PC can participate in a short quest/mini-romance.


7. Anything else you'd like to mention?

Send me a PM, email (rtannahill_@_msn.com removing the underscores), IM (MSN messenger, same address), phone call, or smoke signals, and I'll send you the lines. Here are a couple to give you a feel for it.


BAIDAN03 ~Hail, traveler! What bringeth thee to this most sombre district?~

BAIDAN05 ~Thou hast defeated a mighty foe. Art thou hale?~

BAIDAN06 ~In happy hour, I come to thee, for thou hast fulfilled my quest! At last, I may find peace.~

BAIDAN09 ~Wilt thou betray me, even now?~

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Actually, that's a flippant answer, and I apologise for insulting the reader's understanding with it.


I was hungry, dinner had arrived, and I was impatient to get to it.


The real reason is that the NPC in question is a ghostly relic of the Netherese empire. I was looking for a way to set him apart as different, archaic in his own right, and using antiquated speech seemed to me a good way to accomplish this. He won't sound like anybody else, it will take a bit of thought to read, and I hope it will be mildly entertaining... when it isn't annoying. I've taken some care to make sure that it's at least comprehensible. I settled for Elizabethan English, as opposed to Chaucerian, which would have taken a linguist to get through. With any luck, everyone will be able to follow along just fine. It's certainly no worse than the King James version of the Bible, and folks don't seem to have problems reading that, although I've taken the liberty of phrasing some of the more subtle bits more carefully so that their meaning isn't lost in the alien syntax.


Hope that's a more thorough explanation.


As for the mod itself, you won't have to wait long. I wouldn't be looking for a voice actor unless it was far enough along to warrant it.

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