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Angelo NPC Revealed: A Call For Beta Testers!


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Yay(or "Naaay!"), a new NPC mod for SoA AND ToB! And another NPC from BG1, no less.


Angelo, your former adversary(another one!) returns to BG2. Things aren't going well for him, and he wants to join your party. And for some female protagonists it might mean much more than you think...


A mod includes three small SoA encounters, a full quest which stretches to ToB, an optional romance for a female PC of any race with charisma >=12 for SoA and ToB, full original voicing, quite a few banters and interjections, extensive player-initiated dialogue, flirts, epilogues and other goodies. We are hoping for a new, original portrait, but so far we're using one from Cassinus's site.


The author, Sister Vigilante, has also voiced Xan BG2 NPC mod, did the core romance sequence for Xan ToB, and wrote a BG1 tale, Fury, you can find at fanfiction.net, or in the Attic.


The mod is ready, playable and working(between you and me, mods coded by me usually are). What I'd like you to do is - nothing. Just play the game as you usually do, from the very beginning to the very end. Do the quests, finish SoA, start ToB... But drop by the Graveyard District, the nothern exit, first. Why the graveyard? You'll find out...


If you are interested, please, post here or drop me a PM.

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Heya! I'm the author (and voice) of the mod, so I can help field any questions.


I would like to try but don't have any experience as beta tester so I don't know if I can?


As far as I know, the only qualification for being a beta tester is knowing how to play BG ;) and the only danger is that if there's something disastrously wrong with the mod, it might wreck your game; but I don't think that's the case here ;)


Three people have tested the mod so it should be totally functional; we just want to get people's impressions of it and maybe catch a few stray bugs--I think?

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Private messages with the SECRET LINK sent!


(Hey, five in total - not bad at all! I guess Angelo's charm plus SisterVigilante's avatar work wonders).


Since I'm the unfortunate person to deal with the technical issues right until the moment I realize nobody would ever make me the forum moderator, at which point I perceive how hopeless my efforts have been and quietly leave, please, send me your bug reports, suggestions and so on - I'll be forwarding all content-related issues to SisterVigilante anyway.

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I'll gladly give this mod a test under Mac OS X...after I've arrived at a stable game (I keep getting close, then something happens to invite chaos in my game directory *L*).


Thanks in advance for ehnancing the playing experience ;)


- E

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