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If your Bishop's Romance stopped....

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Guest Isibella

Hello again - no worries, thank you for the advice, but I've managed to fix it on my own (turned out I ~had~ screwed up my globals; never going to use Word to edit them again! :D ) by transferring the characters to an earlier save(I wanted to keep the crafting I had done between them :blush: ).

Yes..I do believe I will keep backups in future.

Thanks again, sorry to be a trouble!

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If flirts dissapeared, most probably you've said (or done) something that stopped the romance. These options are not numerous, but it happens. In particular, don't slap him around too much, though, I know, he's asking for it. If that happened and you actually want the romance to continue:


Check if your P#BishopRomanceInactive Global in the MyDocuments/ NeverwinterNights2/ Saves/ YourLastSave Globals.xml does not exist or re-set it to 0 if it is at 1.


If this Global does not exist or equals 0, and romance is still not running, give me a shout back and we'll troubleshoot further.



OH YES!!! definatly asking for it!! XDD ehehehehe die bishop die.. =w=

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No, no, no, no, nooooooooo! Please, help me! My pc was during the watch (before the trial, start of act II) when Bishop showed. Wonderful dialogue, we were just quarrelling when 3 men appeared. And the game crashed! How can I fix it? Please, I need to know what is happening next!!!

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You should have an autosave from before that point.


Crashes usually aren't reproducible. They tend to be random. That doesn't mean that you won't get another in the same place, but it does mean that if you keep reloading your save, sooner or later, you'll get one that works.


This isn't mod behavior. This is just the game playing tricks with us.

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Sure, I actually have a normal save, a fast save and an autosave (is it clear that I am a bit obsessed by saving session? :-P ). Since the crash happened during the romance scene, I was afraid there was a problem with it.

Thank you very much for the help, now I am calmer :-D

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Ok, I've just tried again. The crash happened again at the same point, if I choose the same answer.

When the bandits shows, if I choose "the odds are unfair. Bishop. back off to even things up", I receive the answer in Italian by the bandit and then the game crashes. 3 times on 3. If I choose another answer, no problem. Ok, of course I am going to change answer, but I suppose you would need to know the fact!

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Ok, bigger problem:same scene, I was exploring new answer option just to check the entire situation in case of bug. Now the game stops also if I answer different things, at the same point (just before the last sentence by bandits before they attack us). Now I am a little worried, since I am unable to pass that scene... I hope to be able to finish the game. I am keeping on trying...

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Crash in the middle of a scene often is related to the NWN2-inherent 'missing companion' bug. Please, take a look at the thread below, and check your game for one of the companions (probably Bishop or Shandra) gone missing from the saved folder.

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