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Talking items: giving a custom name to the button


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Okay, I have a talking item. (Funny fact: I've never done a talking item in my life, from Xan Romance to Dungeon Crawl, but in the recent weeks, I've done three - one for a certain PPG romance, then one for Angelo, and finally, one for Assassinations).


APPEND ~itemdial.2da~




But I don't want to use string 11111 for the item's custom ability. In fact, I don't want to use string 11, 111, 1001 or 2389, either - I'd like to use a custom line, instead. Can I do it, and if I can, how?

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No it replaces the placeholder 11111 in the file you are using the REPLACE on.


From Weidu Readme: REPLACE optcase optexact regexp text


All occurences of regexp in the file are replaced with the ASCII printing of the string reference for text. So if regexp is "FRED" and the text ends up being strref #1234, "FRED" will be replaced with "1234". This is usually used to replace string references in BCS files (where they are stored textually). Put a command like DisplayString(Myself,99999) in your BCS file and use something like REPLACE 99999 "Hello, World".

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