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BG2 Gavin Status Report


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I know about the quality of your NPC-NPC banters so I am looking foreward! Great to see it's moving along.


(Maybe I could explain that remark: berelinde wrote the most of the banters for my NPC, so I know what I am talking about.)


What's this?! An NPC banter writing service?! omg11 berelinde, I will give you Skooter crossmod if you help me write NPC banters for Sarah ToB.


Joking joking!


Nice work, keep it up! :)

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You never know... :)


Jolun is already there, after all, in the Den of the Seven Vales, as part of an Iron Modder 10 entry. It's fairly lame at present, but the quest will be expanded considerably if Gavin's in the party. I'm sure Gavin will be most curious to know why his CG brother has the connections he has, and what threats those connections are holding over him.

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Yes, but I'm going to follow the precedent of Quest Pack and uninstall IM10 A Thousand Words if it's detected, because the quest will be expanded and fleshed out. I type fast, but there's only so much a person can do in 4 hours.

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There has, but it's been on BG1 NPC, not Gavin, unfortunately. That's the drawback of being involved in two projects. When one has a deadline, the other suffers.


It isn't abandoned, not by a long shot. It's just that I have to finish up with BG1 NPC before I can return to it.


I'd start looking for progress again two weeks after you see the public release of BG1 NPC v 15. Shouldn't be too long, I hope.

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Guest Guest_Angua_*

Also waiting for any news of progress for BG2 ...if only to see what he makes of Miranda and Laine in the Temple district.

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Er... the project is kind of on hold at the moment. It isn't because I've abandoned it, by any stretch of the imagination, but rather that I caught a sudden fever to work on something else, the expansion of the Casavir romance for NWN2. That's almost done, though. As I'm testing as I go for that one, there will be no more delays once it's done.


So just a couple more weeks, and I'll have a more detailed Gavin progress report.


Sorry to have to keep asking for patience, but just a little more, please... :fish:

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Ooo well the casavir expansion sounds interesting...


Honestly, don't rush. I'd rather play something well written and that has been fun to write than something thrown out because you feel you have to finish it sooner.


Keep us informed! :fish:

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Actually, yes, but it's not exactly the kind of thing to jump up and down about, but it's moving forward, so yay. I found a file-folder full of banters I'd written and forgotten about. NPC/NPC banters are done. So that's progress.


Heh, maybe I'm not jumping all around - but this improved my mood better than the picture-exctracting I have to do for my father :) Glad to see that Gavin is progressing :(

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