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BG2 Gavin Status Report


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So when you see Alternatives and Haldamir hit the shelves, Gavin won't be far behind.


I can hardly wait for Gavin. CBP will be cool but I am really waiting for Gavin. Oh, and will there be an Eddie conflict? I know I have asked before but I am really wanting to know. If not is it because you and other modders don't care to do one for him or is it because Laufey is unavailable or unwilling to give permission?


Hmmm....or maybe if you don't do one we gals can (I'm about to say the dirty word) multi-romance Gavin and Eddie??? :)

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Once it's out, if you don't install the CBP romance kill component, you'll be able to multiromance all you want.





You know that's really cool especially when like me you've played so many times you are borderline almost shorted out on BG2. However I found out the hard way with the mods I've lately been helping to test that you have to do the Bodhi 2nd encounter over and over and with gradually fewer party members for each romance! (You know, Cntrl-Y to make sure so-and-so gets napped this time). But at least I can have a couple 'o' hunks to love!


But by the time Gavin will be out I'll be a one man woman. (New install will be necessary)


Okay too bad about no Eddie conflict (no-one includes him) but Gavin is worth the wait. If you recall I badgered you for the very newest release for Gavin in BG1 because I was so desperately in love... ;)


Thanks for the update and all of your hard work. I know you've much on your plate right now.

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Well, my computer blew up, so that's put a bit of a roadblock in the way, but the computer goes into the shop next Thursday, so hopefully it won't be long before I can start modding again. On the other hand, lack of a computer has left me with loads of time to complete household projects and spend more time with friends. The latter hope I get my computer fixed soon. :)


The tentative schedule is to have Alternatives out in September, Haldamir ToB out in late October, and Gavin out in February. Now that I've said that, something else will break.

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About three months ago, I dropped my computer. I thought all was well, because at first, it worked great, apart from some damage to the case, but after a short while, things started going wrong. In the end, it turned out that somehow the OS got scrambled with the impact, though the guy at the computer repair shop was blaming Vista heavily for being unstable.


Anyway, it's fixed now, all my data is intact, and I'm modding again, and supporting my mods as I should.


I had allowed a bit of extra time in my schedule so I'm not too far behind. Hopefully, it won't take long to remember how to spell EXTERN.


Thanks for the patience.

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I have to take part of the blame for Berelinde not working on Gavin the last couple weeks :) She helped me with a very stubborn wraith who wouldn't do what I wanted him to! Thanks to her, he is behaving now :)


Ooooh?:) What did Neh't not do? :) I can take so many different ways...


Anyway, good that he's behavin' and all.


And that Berelinde is back to Gavin. ;)

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