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Well, just before I have had a system failure I managed to finish this temple area (and yep, I even backed it up on a different drive, so it seems that the system failure shouldn't effect the data). So, here we go, it's a bit cheesy but I did my best to make it 'different':




So, my next step is (apart from building more areas) is filling it with the NPCs and starting to engineer the cutscene. ;)

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Looks pretty nice. I dont know what the engine will let you do, but a few cobwebs or bits and pieces hidden here and there would give the place a little more life. Obviously not a lot, as it's meant to be a functional temple, but it looks somewhat sterile at the moment. Maybe more torches arouns the pews?

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I figured I'd post this before I start on the river valley that is the most dreaded portion of this map for me (well, with the exception of the ruin).


This is the view on the river terrace.



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I am doing some forestation and the slightly less pathetic hoodooes. Still more work to be done to smooth the rough edges. The second screenshot is a smaller stream by the ruin. Yep, there is some extra grass and flowers there that need to be erased. Heh, that's gonna take some time since grass-erasing crashes the Toolset like nothing else. :)





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The folks from the voicing forums asked for a picture of the character, so I decided to post it here too:


This wide half-orc woman is burdened with an impressive key-chain, hinting not so subtly at the origins of her nickname. She wears rich silks and velvets. Mother Keys’ sausage-like fingers go with surprising ease through stashes of coins, gems and other finery. Less surprisingly, she handles crates, barrels and chests with equal ease. She greets those who are authorized to access the Temple treasury with a ready scowl, and those who are not – with a heavy cudgel.


P.S: If someone wants to voice her, I am auditioning!



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Wow, I finally managed get the voicing for every scenery character in the second area, as well as the Statue of Bhaal in the first area. Very, very greatful to everyone who participated in the voicing!


I am now unhappy with the quality of the sound of Toral. I have a volounteer to retake his lines, but if it fails to materialize, I will have to put the role up for re-record.


The mod already carries 267 soundfiles, and that's before any of the companion's lines and when we barely got the quest going.


Anyways, now I can actually play the mod for like few minutes, with the first cutscene still unfinished :thumbsup: But everything is set up to finish it, ie cameras, characters... Oouf. Takes huge amount of time, I tell ya.


Loadscreen! Gods, I absolutely love the graphics there, thanks the Unknown!




A screenshot of a clandestine meeting that shows all of the 4 joinable companions (left to right: Alianna, Elhan, Nyalee and Saemon Havarian. The shadows ldy in the centre is the PC)




A shot of the big room during the cutscene showing some of the scenery characters and the companions:




The same cutscene, High Priest Toral close-up



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Looking good with all the actors and such in it, plus the custom loading screen. One thing though, I can't tell how close some of those light sources are to the Bhaal symbols on the walls, but from the looks of that far right torch in the last shot, some should be casting different shadows on the symbols. I know there's not much you can do to fix the pattern you've got, but maybe the light sources at critical points could be dimmed a bit.

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I am using pefabs for all the light sources, but I can take a look into that. I am not big on lighting, but dim light actually sounds good to me. I am wondering if I should just delete the hanging chandalier. It's always on the way anyway.

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The main chandalier seems alright, as the shadows being thrown on the Bhaal symbols seem to radiate from that (what with the reversed shadows for different sides of the room), so having it as the strongest light source seems OK. I agree that dimming all the light in general would probably have a positive effect on the illusion though.

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I nuked the central chandelier and one of the bright sources on the altar since you commented. I actually like it better that way. If the question of lighting will come back in testing, I can always add stuff back in or whatnot. With all the flashy torches of the Bhaal's eyes, I feel that you hit upon a good point with there being too much light. When I have time, I will try to experiment with the lighting of the entire area, because I'd want it gloomy me thinks. Here is the shot right now, and I will ask about lighting on bio boards.



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