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AurenAseph.v6 Dialogue Problem

Guest Voitan

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Auren approaches my party at the Copper Corronet and initiates a dialogue but there are no words or dialogue options. It's just blank.


At first I thought I'm screwed, but then I thought if I hit a one of the #'s usually set for a dialogue option, like #1 it'd do something.


Well I hit 1 and she joins, but knowing she's buggy, I tried to kick her out, same deal. Guessed which number would remove her and she was gone.


Is Throne of Bhaal required? I don't have it installed. I'm going to reinstall and see if that clears her up. I recall getting an error in the first install when given the choice to have her other portraits.

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Guest Roland
Re-install should work.

I got that problem, make sure you don't install anything non-weidu (eg. the Bioware patch) over the top of it. Reinstall fixed the problem for me.

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