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Question about Two-Handed Bastard Swords

Guest Paulie Walnuts (shirtless)

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Guest Paulie Walnuts (shirtless)

I gots me a quick question about the component. The description says:


The new sword will have the animation of a two-handed sword but, in all other respects, will be the same as the one-handed version.


Now, I take it you do get the bonuses from Two Handed Weapon Style when using a two-handed bastard sword? So in this respect, the two-handed version is different from the one-handed version in something other than just animation i.e. the one-handed and two-handed versions are affected by different Weapon Styles.


If this is the case, could you add a bit to the description so that it says something about the two-handed version getting the Two Handed Weapon Style bonuses, just so it's crystal clear (I guess the same applies to the two-handed katana)?


I hopes this is a suggestion you can'ts refuse.

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