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Sister Vigilante

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As the title says, welcome! ;) You know the drill, but this is the place to post questions, feedback, requests, &etc., &etc. I'm your host Sister Vigilante (aka Incanto), rank amateur modder! Luckily the ace modder Kulyok should be around to answer any technical questions you might have. This is the first time I've hosted a forum, so I'm sort of excited ;) I hope


Hmph. I don't see the big deal, here.


*cough* I hope it becomes, um, a constructive environment where people feel at home. That's all.


What he means is he can't wait to play despot in his tiny realm. Is there a higher power around here? I tell you, this sod shouldn't be trusted with power; he's gone half-mad with it already. He almost issued himself a "warning" just because he could.


So, right. Nothing more to see here.


And you just couldn't resist the opportunity to cute it up like a 13-year-old Japanese girl, could you? Happen I got the toothache just from looking at your avatar.


I made you! I can break you!


Pfft. You didn't code me. You wouldn't know your way around a .CRE file if someone painted directions on it.


Any more out of you and your new voice will be a falsetto!






Yes, welcome! Angelo forums.

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