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Your Favorite IWD2 Romance is.... (now that V2 is out!)



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I love Jaemal ^_^ But I agree that Diriel is my favorite romance so far. I loved Rizdaer's, but there just isn't enough AFTER you sleep together. You don't really get a feel for the relationship.


And Jaemal... oh, he's a cutie ^_^ How many saw Anthony in the new version of Sweeney Todd and went OMFG! IT'S JAEMAL!!! Lord knows I did ^_^

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I voted for Rizdaer. Even though he is a good choice for 'evil' characters to romance, I think he is just as good a choice for 'good' characters to romance. My chaotic good Drow bard, Talffyn, got along with him quite well, I'd say. She has a type of quiet, unobtrusive affection that is perfect for drawing him out of his shell. He may have more difficulty sharing how he feels and having deep, meaningful conversations than say, Jaemal, but what can a person expect for someone raised in Drow culture? The fact that he was able to allow himself to get close to a PC is a pretty amazing transformation, I think.


Jaemal is a wonderful romance as well, and I enjoyed every aspect of it, but I guess i'm just more drawn to the more sullen, quiet, brooding types myself. XD


Diriel...urg. No way ever would most of my PC's go near someone like Diriel. Even my evil PC's were so angry at his manipulation that they plotted his destruction after that certain event at the tree.


Though I don't make a habit of playing male PC's, I voted for Peony as my favorite female to romance, just because of her bubbly, spontaneous personality. It really set her apart and made her unique, in my opinion. Jaemal's male romance is just as awesome, of course, and Salomeya, well, I didn't even bother with her romance, to be honest.

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There were several times in the game when I wished there was an option to push Salomeya off a cliff or bridge, or into the Lava in the volcano...


Sorry :) She brings out the worst in me.



I actually kind of wish there could be a subplot with a female pc and Salomeya...kind of like a rivalry thing in which they try to top each other or sabotage each other. Like an evil pc would want to eliminate a potential rival, and a good pc would want to either eliminate someone evil or give her enough taste of her own medicine to change her ways. (hey, i didn't say that pc was smart. I dont think ANYTHING could take away Salomeya's bitterness.) Or a pc could do it just so she could say "HAHA I'M BETTER THAN YOU" If she were spiteful. XD

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Salomeya is clever enough to be able to top a pc as well, so it would be quite an interesting little battle of wills going on.

Yes indeed, but I would like an option to do something nasty to her when being a male and in a relationship with her - probably she wouldn't care too much, but still I would love to see her pissed off or just a bit humiliated (geez, can anyone even make her feel that way? :)), she deserves that just for ignoring my young and gorgeous tiefling bard!


Oh, well, he got more love than he wanted from both Peony and Jaemal :)

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High WIS or INT score in romance open a few extra options where you can put Salomeya off-balance (mainly by openly and heartily laughing at her). As for rivalry, I always intended Salomeya to be a rival for Jaemal's affection, with the PC winning; but I know it's not universal :)

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High WIS or INT score in romance open a few extra options where you can put Salomeya off-balance (mainly by openly and heartily laughing at her). As for rivalry, I always intended Salomeya to be a rival for Jaemal's affection, with the PC winning; but I know it's not universal :)


Yeah, I saw that when I was reading over the material. The one comment in particular where you make an allusion to her needing a backrub because she does all her work on her back gave me a good chuckle. I was expecting her to turn around and slap the pc across the face!


As for the rivalry thing, I'd like to see what happened if Salomeya encountered a pc just like her, or a pc who isn't cruel like her but can give back as much as Salomeya dishes out. Not expecting anything to come of it, just amusing speculation. I think your mod is wonderful as-is.


To put the thread back on-topic: Rizdaer is awesome.

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Jaemal won my female PC's heart, just because he's so sweet. I don't think she had a choice *but* to fall in love with him.


For my male PC, Peony was just ... great. She's a breath of fresh air, and seeing someone so vibrant is refreshing after all the groaning whiners in BG2.


That said, the desicion was very hard to make. All the romances were absolutely wonderful; you did an amazing job on this, Domi. :)

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Obviously Diriel for females - Rizdaer's an interesting character, but still, I got a thing for elves... and the romance *really* did manage to surprise me, even though I've read the previous "half-romance" before, so I knew about Tree talk. Until chapter 5, it was all I would expect, but after... heh, nicely done - my congratulations :)

Jaemal (and Peony also) were too sweet for me. I tend to hate such characters, and they were no exceptions. Also, Jaemal's flirts popped up twice as often as Diriel's, which was annoying - until I told him to keep off, of course :)


The most surprising thing, I really liked Salomeya's romance (I've just read it, because usually I don't feel like playing male characters). The final talk was just perfect, and I loved some of the other talks too. The ending though... disappointing, imho. I got a little bit carried away while reading the romance dialogues, and my imagination painted a grand dramatic love-hate story with a sad ending between Salomeya and PC starting after the end of the game, so simple "I left you and went to Waterdeep" seemed kinda too simple (and expected). Such a relationship needed quite a special type of male hero, though ;)

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There is just not enough 'leads' in the romance to make a complex and logical ending for it. I toyed with Salomeya's redemption idea for the romance - but I could not really imagine redeemed Salomeya (though I had a very funny vision of Salomeya in a grey stole humbly helping in the Temple of Ilmater to the sharp-tongued beggars); I thought about the on and off grand passion after the ending of the game, but it felt like an artificial happy ending. I even thought about PC killing Salomeya, but I figured that would be too big of an event for an epilogue where PC has no say in it. :)

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Salomeya in a grey stole humbly helping in the Temple of Ilmater to the sharp-tongued beggars

Oh, that would be hilarious! :)


No, I also don't think "happy ending" could work here... It's just that I see Salomeya as the perfect actress, the one who managed to get even herself into believing the whole "I'm so darn special" thing, and a "love-hate" relationship would be the most fitting for such a character - providing the other character would fit. I see this as a sort of a play, actually.


Ah, it all doesn't really matter, just some stray thoughts :)

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