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Your Favorite IWD2 Romance is.... (now that V2 is out!)



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I have to admit, this was a hard choice to make. I love them all! (Out of the males at least. I haven't really played the females except for Salomeya.) But I finally went with Rizader and Salomeya.


It was a hard to choose between Jaemal and Rizader because they are two completely different characters. Jaemal is so soft and cuddly and I just wonna give him a big hug when I'm talking with him, but I like Rizader just a little bit more.


As I said before, I chose Salomeya as my favourite romanceable female because she's really the only romance I've played. Despite her being a little too full of herself and bitchy (what evil person isn't?), she was quite seductive. :crazyeyes:


I think this proves that I have a thing for romanceable evil characters... Even though I always play as a good person. It's nice to have an evil person to spice things up a bit in the party!! :groucho:

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I know but that... that was a masterpiece and one that justifies you now concentrating only on evil/neutral romances. Because Kivan is *the* ultimate good romance. At least in my humble opinion.

And, besides, you are the only person that writes evil/neutral npcs so skilfully. So, don't waste your time at goodie two-shoes! ^^'


Um, yeah, I guess I am... leaning towards evil? ahaha...ha*cough*


(compared to the state from few weeks ago the poll... has changed :|)

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(Giggles.) I am talking to someone bout authoring one of the companions in their module (a unique one that, set in ancient India, yay!) and he's not-good. So, I guess, the good guy/gal is very far into the future.

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Too bad I read this forum while still playing the mod. I have Salomeya and Peony in the party together and its funny to see them fight over the male PC. I had a fondness for Salomeyas seductivness but now I know that the PC doesn't end up with her...well..I do like tragic heros lol...


Anyway, super mod. This game was boring, but now owns. I'm still in targos and have used the ALT-P function to have a couple of talks already without them coming up. I mistakenly rebuffed Peony a couple of times, but I'm sure shes resilent and will ask again, as I have not told her I'm not interested.

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