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Fanfic romance I read once but can't find now

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Hello all, I'm just a guest who visits periodically to look up new mods or fanfiction. I really like the fanfictions because I like to write them myself, they're not good enough to post but I like them. Anyway here I go with myu dilema (Hope I don't sound like an idiot ??? ) *Takes a deep breath* ok, I read this fanfiction romance for BGii in which:


"PC" was a female, I don't remember race or class, but at the beginning, she and Yoshimo are very close, but Yoshimo knowing that it will never work out between them for obvious reasons and also notices that Anomen obviously has feelings for her and Yoshimo gets the two together, rather surprising Anomen who always saaw him as a rival. Near the end of where I read, which was as far as the author had gotten to at the time, it obviously wasn't finished, something had gone wrong and the "PC" had some major doubts about many things, which she voices to Keldorn privately, to which he says something along the lines of "Doubt everything else, but never doubt that Anomen loves you." *group: Awwww* ;)


That is,sadly all I remember except for the fact that it was a long story and was great for my own personal fanfiction as mine includes an Anomen romance and I enjoyed this particular fanfiction very much, it was very well written and had a lot of detail. I am sorry that I can't give more information, except perhaps that the "PC's" horrible dreams were a large part of the story and that a quest that I remember particularly in my mind was the killing of the Raksasha in the Druid grove and that Anomen constantly carried around the Fail of the Ages. And now that I think of it the "PC" might have been a mage or somew other magical class and might have been a human but I don't know that for sure, and sadly I don't even know the authors name.


Sorry that I wrote so much and if I sound like an idiot. I could have sworn that I bookmarked the story under "favorites" but it is no longer there. ;)


Any help would be greatly appreciated as is the time anyone spends reading this lengthy post. ;)




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