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Calls for Help possibly interfering with a minor quest


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Normally, after learning from the pipe of a kobold who has the staff, you should be able to talk to the kobold shaman and make a deal. During this dialogue, the other kobolds around him have interjections.


However, I think it's possible that if you attack something on the other side of the wall west of them (i.e. random possible Hobgoblin spawns, last time I had one of the Hobgoblins get morale failure and run to the end of the hall), the Calls for Help causes some of the kobolds to turn hostile and seek you out.


The first time I went through this, I killed three of the kobolds, but the shaman and two others were still non-hostile, but when I talked to the shaman, an interjection from a now-dead kobold couldn't be done and thus the dialogue broke. The second time, the three kobolds were already incited to be hostile, but I snuck past them and spoke to the shaman, and the interjections went normally (partly due to the BG2 Tweak). However, while the followers were trying to kill him (which went slower than usual, since there were only 2 of them), I brought the hostile ones over, and it ended up turning all the kobolds hostile and attacking me.

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If you go to the pipes first (and don't kill any of his followers) there is a non-violent solution. However, without BG2 Fixpack, the shaman doesn't properly recognize his followers are dead. He'll try to offer the peaceful solution and break the dialogue when he passes it off to a dead kobold.

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