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Planescape: Torment - Nameless One's Tomb

Guest sauli

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When I get to that teleport, game freezes and crashes if I minimize it. Tried it three times and it always happens there. After restarting the game it has minor gfx glitches with mouse cursor, but otherwise seems to work fine.


First time I got the mouse glitch, I quit and restarted Windows. After that game didn't start at all, but complained about assertion error. After reinstalling it hasn't done that anymore, but freezing is still there.


4cd English version of the game bought from Finland, if that makes any difference (like if it's UK version or something. Box doesn't say anything about it).

Patched to 1.1 and full install done (moved content of cdX-folders to torment/-folder and edited the .ini file).


Has anyone got past the second teleport in Nameless One's Tomb?

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