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Save/Load gets stuck


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I haven't done any comprehensive tests but it appears that once I've talked to Lathan about the second issue (Kretor's thieves stealing from him) in the Thief Stronghold all my Save/Loads get stuck at a certain point. My computer grinds for a good 2 minutes I would say before continuing as normal. It doesn't hang (although it appears that way) but just gets stuck for a while.


I have the extra Thief Stronghold content mod installed which may be part of the source of the problem but I'm not sure as I don't think I've reached that content yet. It's also installed alongside Amber which apparently has some compatibility issues. Amber was installed last which should have nullified any issues though.


It's not a huge deal as I can just ignore the Thief Stronghold but I'd like to continue so if anyone has any idea what it might be or if this is a known issue then I'd appreciate a response ^_^

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