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Version 2 - Bugs


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Playing with party:


* Female elven invocer, truly neutral (<-- guess why....)

* Rizdaer

* Sir Nord

* Diriel

* Salomeya (switched to thief after 1 level)

* Jaemal (Yet AGAIN I had to take him to see the whole content... how do I despise it ;/ ; on the plus side - he specialized in all the spells my pc couldn't cast )


Some things I have spotted so far:


1) Sir Nord's amulet is supposed to work for paladins only, I think, and in my play the game allows paladins *and* all specialist wizards to wear it. May be a bug.


2) (In my game) Jaemal comments on Oswald's ship awfully late (the first time he sees it) - after the dialogue with Viera takes place, which makes little sense as, logically assuming, his thoughts should be more focused at the spirit in the moment. A bug?


3) Not a bug - through the whole prologue, without hastening by menu, I have got only ONE banter, and it was the rest one (Salomeya/Jaemal). Really, is there no way to accelerate the banters? Or made them show up in a more... evenly distributed? I mean, it is (nearly) nothing through the whole chapter or all at once (and in the worst possible moments! I think I got 3 talks *during* the fight on Shaengarne Bridge; no enemy was in the eyesight, right, but they were right beyond it and the constant disruptions, especially during spellcasting, were bothersome - may it be prohibited for the characters to chat in the area, perhaps? ^^'), and you can play for 2,5 hours in a row (check) without getting even one regular banter...


4) In Diriel-Jaemal banter ("You are comitting racial crime by showing romantic interest in JAEMAL") and, later, Jaemal-Diriel ("I don't understand whom you are trying to seduce in DIRIEL - a woman or an elf") the <Charname> is used, however the game substitutes it with the name of the character to whom the sentence is directed, not the PC. In this 2 cases you could easily change it to "her", and that would be it, I guess.


5) It was in Diriel's line "they are divided an the has war depleted" and in Nord's "you somebody has to" - typos? Ah, plus in one of Rizdaer's flirts he says (found it in the PID and it's "P#RiLateLikeSex2.2" line) "when before I'd simply jump is she'd ordered me..." - should be "if", I think.



Other than that everything seems to be fine, though I have some complaints of the non-technical matter... But that I will express a little bit later, if you allow. I want to complete the run before actually praising/commenting on anything, and it will surely take time because lately I have hardly few minutes a day to indulge in gaming... or any other frivolous activity. Oh, well. I will give a report if I find any other bugs, though.


And just so you know, Domi, (though I think you already do) when I checked the forums just before going to my family for christmas, and saw you were working on a romance for Diriel after all... It was the best christmas gift I have ever got, really. And, see, I told you you would be pressed to do it! Seems I was right after all.. And, as the most devoted Diriel adorer out there (;>), I actually feel guilty for not giving any feedback while it was still in the workshop. Though I didn't even know it was. All because of the evil lack of free time. Ah, anyway, thank you for a wonderful surprise, in the name of all girls out there, and happy new year modding! :)

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Aha, the bug reports thread! Now I feel like V2 is truly out. :)


Lol, I thought of you more than twice while working on Diriel's romance, that's for sure. I am glad that it came in handy as a Christmas gift :)


Thanks for the reported stuff. I will get to fixing stuff that I can fix asap. Some, like the timers and the 'misplaced' interjections I don't think I can do anything about ;) I shut down the interjections that were 'swallowed' by the game once the characters leave the area, but it seems not to be fool-proof, they still show up sometimes instead of other ones. I'll check the Oswald's one though, because it should have shut down after the characters exited the town.


Yes, of course, Charname doesn't work in IWD2, I forgot again.


Oh, and all the feedback is very welcome. I doubt I will be doing any major changes to the mod for IWD2, as it failed to appeal to the IE audience, but I might be doing IWD2: Chimeras for NWN2, and that's when I will be incorporating the suggestions etc.

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The low download count. The mod does much worse than the stand-alone NPC mods for BG2 or BG1. I think that most of the classic BG audience wants more of the BG, and most of the IWD2 audience wants more of the 'create my own power-party' runs. Neither is a bad thing, but I don't see myself expanding much more energy on IWD2 proper.

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I found a possible bug too. For some reason, the first conversation with Sir Nord, the one where he gives you the items from your parents and hands over command of the group didn't seem to trigger. I got until logging camp at Shaengarne river before I realised, that I never got that dialogue, and that's the reason I never got those items. :)


Where and when is it triggered exactly? I seem to recall it was shortly after the starting dialogue, right?



- :D:););):D:D:(

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Hmm, it should trigger right after getting off the ship. Did you have any other dialogue happening? Was Nord in the party?



Yes, Nord was in the party, along with Hildury, Jaemal, Salomeya and Diriel. The only thing that triggered was the usual talk with the captain of the Wicked Wench, and then the next thing was the one with the guardmen at the shore.


I tried restarting, and not immediately triggering the first banter with Nord (the one where you tell him *why* you are sent to the North), but I waited and waited, and nothing happened.


I really should have realised that something is amiss. I had been wondering for a while where my biography was in the journal, as I couldn't find it. :)



- :););):D:D:(:D

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In my playthrough, the first dialogue with Nord/Salomeya/Jaemal, etc., didn't trigger too.

I also had to convert .ogg files to wav manually and then place them in proper directories.

Diriel's early flirts showed up twice as rare as Jaemal's, and late flirts never showed up at all.

Nord's talk about "masquerade" when disguising the party in Yuan-Ti temple never triggered.

When picking up Holy Avenger, instead of the proper talk, Nord started the talk about Hildury ("I've noticed you staring at Hildury" or something like that"), but before, that talk couldn't be triggered neither through resting, nor through hitting "P".

Also, it's not really a bug, just a contradiction to canon - in one of the talks with Diriel, PC has an option of connecting House Dlardrageth with Fey'ri - but there's no way PC could've known that :) By that time, Fey'ri were unknown even to some of Elven High Magi. I understand you may not care, I'm just canon junkie :)


Also, I'd like to mention that by the amount and quality of content, your mod far surpasses almost all mods made for BG 1/2 ;) In my humble opinion, of course. Too bad if most people don't understand this. Although IWD2's still a bad game, it becomes so much better with the mod ;)

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With the no-shows I am starting to wonder if the script is so overloaded now, that it's glitching severely.


Can someone confirm that late Diriel's flirts do not trigger though, because this is new material and I have not heard that this was a problem in testing?


As for the canon thing, I'll let it slide :) I didn't know that, but IWD2 date is pretty much accidental, so if I remake the IWD2 in NWN2, I might just move the date forward from the original game to be compliant with the more recent stories from the realms.


And, oh, yes, of course, thank you for your kind words! But by taking on IWD2 project I also picked IWD2 as the modding platform knowing in advance that it is by far less popular than BG2. I am hoping to make it better than BG2 though if I take on the Chimeras.

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