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A map of Luskan Docks?


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Does anyone has a map of Luskan (Luskan Docks in particular)? I made a quick search, and the only thing that came up was a lame NWN1 map. So, is there anything more canon? Or is it the free fantasy flight territory?

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Maybe this'll help:




The largest city near Icewind Dale was Luskan, the City of Sails. Sixteen thousand humans were housed in the walled city, a number that amazed the inexperienced Wulfgar. The companions arrived at the walled city at the North Gate, "a single iron-bound door set into the stone wall between two short, squared towers;" with room for a dozen guards on the parapet over the portcullis. The travelers were directed to "'Keep to the wall... The last lane holds the Cutlass.'"


The inn called the Cutlass lay on Half-Moon Street (the lane just before the docks) in the roughest part of town. The main floor was almost filled by the tavern area, a single open room with the bar angled across a corner opposite the door, with wine racks against the wall behind. An open stair led to the rooms above. So few visitors were allowed in Luskan that the Cutlass was only one of two inns available, but most of the rooms served as a festhall rather than as mere sleeping chambers.


Bruenor's goal in Luskan was a contact named Whisper, who could be met in Rat Alley. The alleyway lay fairly close to the Cutlass but was far enough through the maze of alleys to take some time to find. It paralleled the seaside docks, wedged between warehouses, and was so piled with crates that at some points. Whisper had accomplices in windows and behind a low secret door, ready to ambush Bruenor and Drizzt. She had meanwhile disappeared through an almost hidden sewer drain that led to her secret chamber, an entry room that also served as her headquarters, and beyond, a sleeping chamber with privacy screen and dressing table.


Although Luskan was far more populous than Bryn Shander, it covered little more area. Instead of Ten-Towns' low buildings, Luskan's structures were even more tightly packed, stood two and three stories above ground, and were delved below ground as well. Five "high captains" named Therl, Baram, Kurth, Suljack and Rethnor formed the city government, and each was housed in a suitably large fortresslike dwelling. The true force behind all the power of the city, however, resided in a single structure: the Hosttower of the Arcane. The Hosttower was said to stand in the very heart of the city, but it took Jierdan nearly an hour to guide Entreri and Catti-brie from the stable inside the North Gate to the pines that lined the green at the tower's base. Expansion outside the city walls on the north side of the River Mirar, however, gave a slightly different meaning to "heart" than just the area within the walls. The Hosttower was set apart from the lowly bustle of the piers. What could be more appropriate as the heart of the city than the isle that stood in the mouth of the River Mirar?


The Hosttower of the Arcane was obviously of magical construction and was unique in all the Realms. It appeared to be a tree of stone. A central spire served as the trunk, with four lesser spires curving out like oak branches in the four cardinal directions. All stood equally high. Each spire housed the mage controlling his or her respective direction, his or her staff, an audience hall, teaching rooms, conjuring and meditation chambers, laboratories and storerooms. Above the ground-level entry room, the Archmage occupied the chambers of the central spire while the four mages in the line of succession ruled the lesser spires.


Dendybar the Mottled, current overseer of the north quadrant (including Icewind Dale) served as Master of the North Spire. It was in the north spire that Akar Kessell had apprenticed under Morkai the Red, before Dendybar tricked Kessell into murdering his master.


The north spire was typical of the design of the other three spires. The audience hall of the master could only be reached after passing through twisting corridors and secret doors, full of magical traps. In an even better-protected location, Morkai had created the conjuring chamber to which his own specter was summoned by his successor. Dendybar's private rooms lay in an upper level of the spire, reached by a private corridor from the center of the spire. The room of a lesser mage, Sydney, occupied the space below the master's. Her small chamber held little more than a bed and the scrying mirror through which Sydney learned of the companions' arrival at Longsaddle.

The Forgotten Realms Atlas[/i], pp. 78-79, which in turn quotes from the novel Streams of Silver and supplement FR5 The Savage Frontier]


There's also maps of the Cutlass and the Hosttower of the Arcane, if you want those.

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