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With Angelo, the problem wasn't so much thinking up new items, as cutting down on the ones I wanted to put in. I hope in the end only the fittest made the cut :) Here are two of the trinkets you can get your hands on over the course of the mod:


Sembian Spellbreaks (Gauntlets)


The vital mercantile economy of Sembia gives rise to a

flourishing of the inventor’s trade. Themselves imbued

with potent magic, these gauntlets are able to

temporarily disrupt the magical energies of an

opponent. According to rumor they were first

commissioned by the “dictator merchant†Rieltar Anchev

in his youth, and after some fifty prototypes had been

created, the inventor was ordered eliminated to

prevent their secret from falling into the hands of

Rieltar’s competitors. Since then they have become

rare, but a prized artifact, both in Sembia and



-No arcane spellcasting

-5% magic resistance

-cast Breach, 1/day



The Stray Dog (Katana +1)


This, perhaps, once belonged to a proud warrior,

but has since been adapted to the needs of one living

as a masterless criminal: honor has been thrown aside

in the name of efficacy. A maker’s seal seems to

have been filed off the blade, and it is now coated

with a translucent, chitinous poison.


-on hit, 6 poison damage, save v.poison

-on hit, 1 strength drained, save v. poison

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