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This may be something most people don't like to think about, but--are there set rules regarding contraception in Faerun? I was thinking about the issue of kids in romance epilogues, some players not wanting kids &etc., thinking--they don't really get a choice, this is the high middle ages or thereabouts. But is there a spell to the purpose? Or is it just kind of never treated? (I'm not a big D&D person, so I wouldn't know...)

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There is a whole (non-canonical) guide dedicated to PnP romances and D&D materials/guidelines of this sort, if you search around (I did a bunch of background research before trying out writing for Romantic Encounters). It includes chances of conception by race, stats changes during pregnancy, available protection (magical and herbal), etc., etc.


Greenwood has some... extensive answers to fans, on the main site - and it opens materials up to a "soul to soul" romantic interaction (with flowers and signals and the whole lot) independent of gender and sexual identity, as well. I have not come up with a reliable FR Guidebook canonical reference yet, but look at Jaheira's BG talks, I think - unless BG1NPC adds the herbs discussion with Imoen (and we probably do). Middle Ages and Sune/ Hanali Calenil ideas would fit, though.


In short, if it seems like it makes sense, it is an open enough area that you can put what you like into play without offense, I think.

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But is there a spell to the purpose? Or is it just kind of never treated? (I'm not a big D&D person, so I wouldn't know...)


Heh. I actually did this research for Gavin. There are herbs for both male and female contraception. I forget what the female one is. It's a root of some kind, and is supposed to be incredibly bitter. It conveys protection for four days. The male version is cassil herb, and its tea is supposed to be tasteless and odorless.

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In modern history, condoms were "invented" in ~1600, but more for STD prevention than child protection. Ancient Greek mythology was already speaking about wearing a bladder over the penis for protection during sex, and drawings of condoms (maybe for ritual purposes, rather than safe sex) go all the way back to Egypt. So, it's possible that it was already available in a FR setting (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condom#History).


Also, apart from herbs, I'm pretty sure that they also knew about "skip the days" and coitus interructus.

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