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BWL: SpellPack Beta 4 Released


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Black Wyrm


After more than 3 years of waiting, Galactygon is welcoming this new year with a released Version 0.4 (or Beta 4) of SpellPack. The entire structure of the mod has been revamped; the stuff you see here will be identical to that of the full unfinished mod. SpellPack has grown both in components (21) and size (76.6 MB).


Some of the changes and new features include but is not limited to:

  • Spells present in previous versions of SpellPack have been fixed.
  • A smarter version of Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, which allows the caster to cast the spell onto himself or his allies without worrying about saving throws or magic resistance.
  • The AD&D version of chain lightning, which strikes one creature, then arcs to several other creatures, with the bolt getting weaker with each strike.
  • The AD&D version of Shadow Door, which not only permits the wizard to disappear, but the door "hangs" there for a period of time. Creatures pursuing the wizard will enter the "door" as well, and disappear into an empty room, searching for the wizard.
  • Graphics for Fireball projectile (but not the explosion) now uses the BGI version.
  • Several IWD I/II spells, such as Moon Motes and Shroud of Flame are introduced.
  • A cutscenized Planescape Torment spell, deathbolt. This is something new in the BG series, and it is still experimental, so it is an optional component.

Download B4 [76.6 MB]


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