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Small IWD request


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Could someone who owns IWD and/or IWD2 please take a look and see if there's a pick axe in the game. If so, would you mind sending me the .bam and .itm file for it - either post it here or PM me. Also the description .bam if there is one (I don't think so) and description. I probably won't be using all that as-is but I don't want to reinvent the wheel either. Cheers.

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None for "pickaxe", "pick-axe" and "pick axe" in IWD.


In case you're interested, the only references were "She points to the upper reaches of the palace in the northeastern portion of the cavern. She then points to the brand of a pickaxe on her wrist." and "This banner bears two symbols. One is a diamond surrounding two hands bound with red cord. The other is a circumscribed pickaxe."

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