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Ulvaryl dissappears?


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Hey guys I've looked around and could not find a bug similar to the one I'm experiencing so I'm hoping you'd be able to give me some answers.


For some reason Ulvaryl, the vampire woman in Irenicus' dungeon near the wand trap room, disappears when she attacks my party. Now, I've been able to kill her before by stunning her and killing her before she finishes the 3 assassins and in this case she turns into a bat and flies away like she's supposed to.


I have throne of bhaal installed and have the latest patches from bioware as well as the G3 fixpack.


I've tried reinstalling everything since the first time this happened was with the baldurdash patches installed but it didn't fix this. Maybe I have to start a new game? I'm hoping this isn't the case because I hate Irenicus' dungeon and I've already had to play through it half a dozen times these few days due to various bugs/fixes/reinstalls



Thanks in advance

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I think this is deliberate design decision, rather than a bug.


Ulvaryl's behavior has been scripted in such a way that she only attacks the characters who are part of the Shadow Thief group (SPECIFICS = 5) and then changes into bat form once they are all dead. This was probably done because the Bioware developers figured that fighting a Vampire at this stage of the game might be a tad too challenging for the party. You can still kill her if you are quick enough though.

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